Current Software Version & Built Date

How to determine the actual Version no. of your software?

Perfect Lite software modules:-

Perfect Lite for Windows (Notes 1 & 2)

     Version 5.06 (Built: 10/ 4/13)


P Category Lighting (Note 1)

     Version 3.10 (Built: 10/ 4/13)


V Category Lighting (Note 1)

     Version 5.09 (Built: 10/ 4/13)



     Version 3.12 (Built: 10/ 4/13)



     Version 3.08 (Built: 10/ 4/13)


Perfect Lite Interface for AutoCAD:-

Perfect Lite Interface - CePleW AutoLISP add-on for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT (Note 3)

      Version 2.04.12 - modified for AutoCAD 2024 and AutoCAD LT 2024 compatibility (Built: 2023 July 28)

Tunnel Lighting software:-


      Version 3.09 (Built: 2013 December 3)

How to obtain the latest version of the software that you have previously purchased?

If your version precedes that above then simply send an email to advising of the program name, your current version no. & Built date and we will advise how you can obtain the latest version of the software (some costs may apply).

If possible include a screen shot when selecting About... from the Help menu in the Perfect Lite for Windows applications.


For the Perfect Lite Interface (CePleW AutoLISP addon) application for AutoCAD: Include the text that appears on the AutoCAD text screen when CEPLE is executed on the AutoCAD command line.

Note 1:  Included as part of the Perfect Lite Package of software (user licencing for the P Cat, V Cat, I2C and/or C2I software modules can be purchased separately)

Note 2:  A Beta version of the Perfect Lite for Windows software module is available - please contact us if this version is required.

Perfect Lite for Windows Version 5.07 Beta 3 (Built: 24/08/20) has the following changes:

- Zebra Crossing Lighting Design tool has option to select AS/NZS1158.4:2015 mode with Glare LTPs non-zero

- Lighting model DXF export more stable

Note 3:  Must also purchase the Perfect Lite Package of software - refer to Item 1 in our pricelist.

The Perfect Lite Interface software requires AutoCAD with a LISP interpreter and therefore is not currently compatible with AutoCAD LT products prior to AutoCAD LT 2024. AutoCAD LT 2024  is the first version of LT with a LISP interpreter included

Note that CePleW Version 2.02 or later is not compatible with Perfect Lite versions before 5.02 and no longer requires the PleCAD sub program.

Note that CePle Version 1.89 or older is not compatible with Perfect Lite for Windows versions 5 or later.

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